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You may switch a healthy player's position at any time, with the requirement that you always keep two players at every position. Any player who changes position after training camps will take some time to learn his new position, during which time he will perform at reduced ability. Note that injured players cannot have their positions changed.

Different sports have different rules for legal player position changes:

  • Baseball: C and P may never change position. Any other infielder may change to any other infield position. Any outfielder may change to any outfield position.
  • Basketball: any player may change to any position
  • Football: QB, PK, and PN may never change position. Any other offensive player may change to any other offensive position. Any defensive player may change to any defensive position.
  • Hockey, Soccer: goalies may never change position; any other player may change to any other position. A wing or defensemen may change to the opposite side without suffering the penalty.

It is important to keep in mind the availability of position changes when drafting, trading, and signing free agents. Even though a player may be listed at one position, he may be better suited for another.

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