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DEL Time: 09:02
Q: Which locations on the floor correspond to inside, medium, and perimeter shooting?

A: Inside is inside and post. Medium is baseline and top of key. Perimeter is inside arc and behind arc.

Q: What exactly are the situations?

A: "Early" is until the 3/4 mark of the game (fourth period in pro basketball and 10 minutes left in college). Late and ahead/close/behind is after that point. A blowout is determined by your blowout option (in the BU line).

Q: What are the numbers in the team analysis section?

A: For each stat, the average for that position is listed, followed by the ranking in comparison with the rest of the league. 10 is the best; 1 is the worst.

Q: Why isn't speed a player ability?

A: Speed is an implied ability, in that shorter players are deemed to be faster. This makes them more effective at ball handling and perimeter play, where quickness is more important than size.

Q: What do pressing and trapping accomplish?

A: Pressing refers to how freqently you force the other team to work the ball up the court, rather than just falling back into defense and playing halfcourt. The advantage is that you force more turnovers (and get more fast breaks) by pressing; the disadvantage is that it involves more running (tires players out more quickly) and often makes for easy baskets if the other team beats the press.

Trapping is in halfcourt defense, and refers to how often you add an extra player to pressure the guard with the ball. Like pressing, this is a two-edged sword - you are more likely to get the turnover but you are also more likely to give up an easy basket. Like pressing, trapping fatigues your players.

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