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DEL Time: 09:03
Q: How do I draft?

A: Draft selections can be made with the "Draft Orders" button in your team control menu.

Q: In the "Draft Picks" Page, three years of drafts with three rounds each are shown. Is this listed in the order of the draft?

A: This is merely a status page. It says essentially the following: Team Name, and then three rounds off picks. If another team's name is listed under that round, it means that the other team owns that pick.

Q: How is the draft run, schedule wise? All at once in a live draft? Or round by round, a day at a time?

A: The draft is run round by round, at the times listed in the league schedule. It is not a live draft; you must send the draft commands before the round is run to control your team's drafting. On the final day of the draft, any additional rounds will be run to fill the rosters of all teams to the necessary sizes.

Q: How does the game choose which of my draft selections to use?

A: First priority will be given to the first group listed in your draft pick list. The computer will start at the first player in the group and work down, until it finds a player who has not yet been picked and whose secondary group still has signings remaining. If the first group has no remaining signings (you have already picked the maximum allowed for that group), or if no eligible players are found, it will proceed to the second group, and so on until a pick can be found. If no legal pick is found anywhere in your list, the computer will make the selection for you.

Q: How do the secondary groups work, and what are they are supposed to do?

A: Secondary groups allow you to limit the number of players from a certain set of players that you will pick. This allows for great customization of your draft, and makes certain that you get the top available player to you come your turn.

For example, you want to draft two defenders and a midfielder with three picks. Unless you want to draft the players in a certain order (ie, both defenders first, and then the midfielder), you should just list all players that you want, in order of priority, in a single group. Any players who you would want to draft for either position should be put in the draft list twice, once for each position.

The way that secondary groups work is that you will want to list all defender picks as being in one secondary group (say, group 0) and all midfielder picks as being in another secondary group (group 1). Then after the draft groups have been listed, you should specify that you want two players from group 0 (your defenders) and one from group 1 (your midfielders). You can see why you would want to list some players twice if you want them drafted for either position, so that you don't skip over them unnecessarily.

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