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DEL Time: 06:46
Q: How do I know when games and other league events happen?

A: You will be mailed a weekly schedule listing all coming events for your league. You can also get the league schedule from the web site for your league.

Q: Can an individual have more than one team in the same league?

A: No, you're limited to one team per league.

Q: What are the players shown in black (non-clickable) on the team roster?

A: They're new players this season. Clicking on a "clickable" player will show you his past stats, so a "non-clickable" player is one who has no past stats.

Q: Why do players improve very little from year to year, and during training camps?

A: Improvement between seasons and during training camps is cumulative, in that the improvements are permanently added to a player's ability. (When a player gets old, his loss of skill is also permanent.) Because skills are generally shown on a scale of 0 to 10, and a player will remain in the pro leagues for up to 20 years, then the improvements should be very slow.

Q: Why do some players' abilities go down during training camps?

A: A player's year-to-year changes are based on three elements. One is the effect on his skills from aging. A second is the effect on his skills from development over the course of his career. The last is random fluctuations up or down. The first is simulated at the end of the season; the second and third in training camps. Thus it is indeed possible for a player's skills to go down. Since no games are played between season end and training camps, it is best to think of pre-camp abilities as "expected skills", but there are always occasional surprises (both good and bad) when players actually show up to camps.

Q: What is the effect of game training?

A: Game training improves a player's effectiveness in that game only. It has no long-term benefits. Think of it as the last-minute coaching you give to prepare for a certain game.

Q: Why didn't my injured player heal during today's game?

A: The estimated recovery time given in rosters is just that - an estimate. Sometimes a player will heal faster, other times slower. Each day a player can heal between -1 and 3 days' worth of healing; in other words a player listed with an estimated 10-day injury may be listed between 7 and 11 days the following game. Players with an estimated recovery time of under 5 games usually recover between 0 and 2 days' worth of healing, while a player with a 1-day injury almost always returns for the next game.

Q: One of my players is injured, but I didn't see it happen in the game. How did this happen?

A: In addition to on-the-field injuries, DEL simulates off-the-field injuries (ie, those that happen in practice, while driving, at home, etc). So it is very possible for a player to have been healthy throughout a game but show up as injured immediately afterwards. Additionally, baseball players get short-term (1-3 game) injuries if their durability is low.

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