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DEL Time: 09:59
Q: Why don't you limit a team to 20 active players for a game?

A: Each team's playing lines are limited to 18 total skaters, plus two goalies for 20. However, since coaches can't be expected to check their teams after every game, the extra players are allowed on the roster (and in the sub lines) in case of injury.

Q: Why are regulation ties and overtime ties combined in the team records?

A: Because the hockey sim is only one of five sports simulations, it has to share some of the traits of the other games. The three-record system was engrained in the DEL system long before the NHL switched the rules, which makes it very hard to change. Given that both results give a team a point in the standings, the effect is minor.

Q: Why are forward lines and defensive pairs combined into five-man units?

A: This gives the coach control over combinations of forwards and defensemen on the ice with minimal complexity in the coaching orders. Otherwise, one would need to set the lines and pairs, the preferred combinations, and coaching orders for various combinations.

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