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DEL Time: 05:56
Q: How can I tell if a player is eligable to play on my Junior League and get a "Minor League" Contract each season?

A: "Junior League" or "Minor League" Contract status is given only to players who are 21 years old or younger and have not played 10 major league games during their careers in Soccer. In other sports, the values are different (see the DEL Help pages for specifics.

A Minor League Contract is valued at $0.04 million (different in Football and Basketball). Players who meet the criteria will automatically resign each season for that amount, until they lose their "Junior" status by turning 22 or playing major league games.

Q: How many players can I have on my roster?

A: Baseball/Hockey/Soccer: Before training camps, you need to have two full teams on your rosters. This means 44 in soccer and 50 in the other sports. After you have designated the players for your minor league/junior team, you need 22 in soccer and 25 in the other sports on both teams. You can carry additional players on your major league team to replace injuries.

For football and basketball, you need only one legal team, which means 45 players in football and 12 in basketball.

Q: How many players do I have to have at each position?

A: This depends on the sport. See the DEL Help Page for the appropriate sport for more information.

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