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DEL Time: 09:27
Q: The player stats contain a "training" stat. I know there is an item named "training" under the "situation coaching" button. I assume that setting the training will influence the training stat and how long before this will go into effect?

A: The training (Tr) and the Training in the "Situation coaching" are two different things. The first one is how much potential your player has. The "Tr" stat goes from 0-25. The lower the number, the more improvement you can expect from the player's abiliies. Usually anything above 20, you can't expect too much improvement.

The second training you are referring too is "practices". What time would you like your team to concentrate on. And that will impact the game in question, whether you decide to practice defence, shooting etc.

Q: Each player has a rating from A to F. How can you improve this rating? What about minor leaguers?

A: You cannot change or influence this rating. These letters are how the game judges your player. To put in a very simple way, and AA is better than and BB that is better than a CC etc. But, as you learn more in the sim, you will come to realise that sometimes a BB player will perform better than a AA player.

For minor league players, you cannot affect their development, but you should try to look for players with potential for improvement (low age, and low Tr levels).

Q: As a new coach, I let the signing of players be done by the AutoGM. However, it doesn't always work the way I would like, for example signing 37 year old players to three-year contracts. Is there any way I can instruct AutoGM to not sign players above a certain range or below a certain rating?

A: To make a long answer short, "no", you cannot give any instructions to AutoGM. My advice, do the GM work yourself, as sometimes the sim will do some stupid move. I think it's better if you make some mistakes and lean from them then to have the sim do it for you, and you won't understand what happened.

Q: Players get tired playing 5 games in a row. However, when there are days off (weekends), do players rest?

A: Our time is not reflect in the sim time. You have to see in the schedule, sometimes you have days off where your team doesn't play. So a week end for us doesn't mean it's the week end for the players in the sim. That's why you should have a turn over on the field, try to change your starter once every couple of games, or do it in a rotation way. I usually don't let a player who has in the low 80's play, unless I really have too.

Q: After a player's name is his position, MF for example. However, following his letter-grade rating is another position, and this isn't necessarily the same position. What does this second position mean? That he is better as a DF than as a MF?

A: The MF behind his name is the position you assigned the player to play. But what you see behind the rating is where the sim beleives your player will perform best. I usually don't follow this too much since I look for certain abilities at MF that maybe the sim don't see fit. Once again, it's a learning process, and every coach values certain abilities more than others.

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