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DEL Time: 09:45
Q: For some reason when I send my template to the e-mail command reader, the message comes up saying league "" is unknown. Why is this happening?

A: You are probably formatting your header wrong. You need to list the league, team, and password as follows:

League: CBEL
Team: yourteamname
Password: yourpassword

Another possibility is that the program you are using to send e-mail is causing problems. Many e-mail programs send the text in html rather than plain text; this must be disabled when sending things to the command reader. Also, some programs put odd characters at the ends of lines (= and =20 seem to be common), also something that must be disabled. If you cannot force your e-mail program to send plain text, then you should try the web-based command reader.

Q: I get a "nothing to do" message when sending in commands. What causes this?

A: Nothing to do means that the template reader interpreted your header (league, team, and password) properly, but no command was found. If you are making a coaching template, you need a TEMPLATE line. If you are sending cuts, you need a CUTS line. And so on. A properly formatted template command would look as follows:

League: CBEL
Team: yourteamname
Password: yourpassword
(put your template here)

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