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DEL Time: 11:09
Q: How do I make a trade?

A: First you have to make a deal with a person who runs another team as to what players, picks, and/or cash will be traded. Then one of you needs to submit the trade with the "Make Trade" button in your team control menu, which will send a mail message to the other. When the second team confirms the trade (also with the "Make Trade" button), the trade will be run and the first team notified by e-mail. Note: since soccer has no draft, draft picks cannot be traded in soccer leagues.

Q: Can I trade with computer-run teams?

A: No.

Q: Is there a trade deadline?

A: Yes. It comes at a different time of the season, depending on the sport. See the DEL help files for more information.

Q: When I run a trade, I get a message like "**Astros will be short at 3B." What does this mean?

A: It means that running the trade would leave the team short at a position. In this case, the Astros would be left without a third baseman. Thus the trade cannot be run, as the Astros would forfeit all games until their problems were fixed. This error is only given once the season is underway.

Q: When I run a trade, I get a message like "**Astros would be over budget." What does this mean?

A: The listed team does not have enough room under its budget to make the trade. This will either be because its payroll is increasing (receiving players with a higher salary than it is sending), or it is sending money in the trade. Either way, the trade cannot be run.

Q: When I run a trade, I get a message like "Trade stored, will wait for confirmation." What does this mean?

A: It means that the other team has not yet sent in the trade. The trade will be run when the other team sends it in.

Q: When I run a trade, I get a message like "**Confirmed trade not the same." What does this mean?

A: The other team sent in a different trade than you did. You should first make sure you entered the trade as agreeed, and if so e-mail the other coach telling him of the problem.

Q: When can a signed free agent be traded?

A: A free agent must remain on your team (or be cut outright) until the end of the season. After that point, you have the option of trading him.

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