The primary place where you will get information about your team and the other teams is in the news, which appears after each game and whenever you re-start the game during the season. The news is an electronic sports section, and is divided into four "pages".

The front page lists game scores, in order of likely interest. Games between great teams, big upsets, and games played by your team are likely to top the list.

Page 2

Standings: records of every team. In the college games and Coach, the second record is your conference or division record; in the other games it is the home record. Teams are listed with ties broken in the order that will be used to determine division and conference champions; therefore the team at the top of the standings at the end of the regular season is the champion.

Your Box Scores: Box scores of user-controlled teams only. See the sport-specific "stats" help if you do not understand all of the categories.

Players of the Day: Offensive and defensive stars from throughout the league.

Individual Leaduers: League leaders in a variety of categories.

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Scores: Shows (again) all of the scores from the current day. The format is identical to what you see as the games are played.

Box Scores: Allows you to view any box score from a game that day.

Team Stats: Cumulative season stats for any team in the league. See the sport-specific "stats" help if you do not understand all of the categories.

Team Analysis: An overview of the performance of each position on a team. Each position is rated using a variety of statistics. The first number in each column is the actual statistic (such as batting average in baseball). The second is a comparison with the rest of the league, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best).

Obviously many of these values cannot be taken at face value. For example, the tackle percentage of linebackers on a football team will be significantly worse if the team blitzes every play, since they have to fight through the offensive linemen to make the plays.

Page 4

Schedules: Schedules and results for all teams.

Rankings: Computer ratings for the league. Pro leagues list all teams, college leagues only the usual number of ranked teams (10 in hockey, 25 in other sports). The first rating shown is the important one.

Lines: Projected favorites and odds for the coming game, based on the third computer rating. Football and basketball use point spreads; other sports use money lines.

Information: A variety of miscellaneous information -- past champions, player and coaching award winners, league records, and the hall of fame. In pro you can see draft pick trading, and in college you can get a list of bowl matchups or tournaments.

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