Season Order

After each season is completed, a YEARxxxx.STS file is written out, which lists the records and stats of every team and the best players from each position. If you run a team, you also get a YEARxxxx.<team> file, which has the stats for all the players and coaches on your team.
User Interface

These games are entirely menu-driven, so it should not be too difficult to figure out how to play. There are two types of menus you will see: one with options along the bottom line of the screen and one with a full page.

The first type will have from one to nine options across the bottom line of the screen, and may be selected either with the arrow keys and enter or by pressing the number corresponding to the desired choice. (The left-most is option 1, the second is option 2, etc.)

The second type is a full-screen scrolling menu, most often used to select players. The arrow keys move up and down one choice, the page up and page down keys move up and down a full screen, and home and end go to the first and last choices. While viewing players, pressing 'm' will alternate view modes between offensive stats, defensive stats, abilities, and salaries. Pressing 'r' while viewing free agents or college players will cycle through your team's roster, so that you can get a reminder of what your players and needs are. Pressing 's' while viewing free agents, college/high school players, or players to trade for will allow you to skip quickly through the list by either choosing the position (free agents or incoming players) or the team (trades) to move to.

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