Registration Code

When the game first starts, you will be asked to enter a registration code. If you downloaded this game and are trying as a demo, just press enter when asked for the code. Otherwise, enter it at this time; once the code has been entered you will never again be prompted.

Getting A Team

When you run the game, you will first see a coach screen. In order to coach a team, you will need to add yourself into the game. After pressing the "add coach" button, you will be asked for your name, which must be less than 30 characters. You can also change the name of an existing coach or delete a coach.

The next menu lets you control the game options. The first lets you decide if you just want game scores, if you want to see play-by-play, or if you want sideline control of your team during the game. The second option will have a rather large file created at the end of each season with the stats of all players. The third option will run the seasons automatically, and may only be chosen if you are not controlling any teams. If you select this option, the game will run until you press ESC, at which point it will finish the current season and exit. Note that the insides of the game are rather detailed, so if it takes a long time, you don't have to worry that your computer has locked up.

Last, you can change how loose the game is with coaching and owning assignments with the coaching mode option. In pro, the options are whether or not you must have enough money to buy a team. In college, the options are whether you can coach any team you want or if you can only get jobs you are offered.

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