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DEL Time: 10:29
The most important aspect of DEL is, of course, what you do with your team. A critical step in being a good coach is learning the available options and using them. One way this can be done is with the e-mail command reader. The e-mail based command reader will reply to any e-mail messages sent to del@dolphinsim.com. The message needs to begin with the following three lines:
    League: (the name of the league you are in)
    Team: (the name of your team)
    Password: (your DEL password)
Following this header should be one or more commands.

The command part of what you sent should consist of one or more commands, which are specially formatted lines of text. The details of the format of each command are given in the links below. It is helpful to put "signoff" after your last line of text, especially if sending through the e-mail reader.

Available Commands:

Professional League
College League

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