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DEL Time: 06:27
Commands for College Leagues

AutoCoach: Computer coaches your team
AutoGM: Let computer run inviting and recruiting for you
AutoTemplate: Have computer set coaching orders
Change-Pos: Change positions of players on your team
Cuts: Cut players from your roster
Field: Make alterations to the field size and turf (Baseball)
Enterpoll: Submit your coaches' poll ballot
Exhibition: Schedule exhibition games
GetTemp: Return a coaching "template" for your team
Invite: Invite high school players to visit
NoAutoCoach: Unset "autocoach" if you have already set it
NoAutoGM: Unset "autogm" if you have already set it
Recruits: Attempt to sign high school players
Schedule: Schedule your team's non-conference games
Schol: Award scholarships to returning players
ShowInvite: Show invitations
ShowRecruits: Show recruiting orders
Scrimmage: Run intrasquad scrimmage (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer)
Stars: Submit your all-American votes
Template: Set your team's coaching preferences
Tourney: Schedule a preseason/midseason tournament (Baseball, Basketball)

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